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Close to Montevideo and Buenos Aires, across the Rio de la Plate, Bodega Terrazul creates fine Tannat and Sauvignon Blanc wines.

With its strong agricultural tradition and temperate South Atlantic climate, the country is naturally suitable for wine cultivation. 

Notre bodega Terrazul

With a 30 ha vineyard located one hour from Montevideo, the Terrazul team, led by the French œnologist Didier Cornillon, is firmly rooted in the local landscape. In addition to clay and highly organic soils, the Terrazul vineyard benefits from the hilly local landscape which offers the natural drainage conditions which are so essential for the vines’ quality.


For any kind of request, don't you hesitate to visit our website www.terrazul.biz or naturally send us an email at info[at]terrazul.biz.